Terms and Conditions – Breadbox

Welcome to the Bread Box Program

Thank you for participating in Krumbs Breadery & Stuff’s bread box program. This has been a dream come true for us, Geoff and Sherry-Lee since we were developing our business plan.

We appreciate that you joined us in the journey of bringing back the Breadman. (for those of you who are old enough to know that like the milk man, there was a man who delivered bread home to home weekly- Psssst only one of us can actually knows that)

  • There may be kinks, so any concerns or questions please just forward them to us in an email [email protected]
  • If you want to alter your order, you are able to, however all changes must be made by midnight Saturday prior to your order coming.
  • The items available in the box at this point are limited to bread, buns and cookies – we will let you know when that changes
  • Please place your box in a place where you feel it will be safe and secure on your delivery day (let us know where that is so we can know that your box is safe.)
  • We will let you know of any specials or new products through quick notes with your order
  • We will also be adding information about upcoming events, festivals, farmers market opening as well as information from our local suppliers.
  • Delivery Days for the Bread Box program 
    Thursday – Bowmanville and Courtice
  • Friday – Newcastle, Newtonville and Orono

We are only human, and we do make mistakes, so again if you have any questions, concerns or issue with your order, please let us know, we will make it right [email protected]  We can also be reached at- Geoff 905-429-1348 or Sherry-Lee 289-675-5542