Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I place my Krumbs order?

Thank you for visiting our website. We would love to hear from you. You can place your order in one of three convenient ways:

2. How can I have my order delivered?

Krumbs delivers in Clarington, and by Special Order outside of Clarington. You can choose one of our “contact us” options, and you can also set up regular delivery with our Breadbox Delivery Program. Visit the Breadbox page for more information.

3. Can I Freeze my breads and bakery items?

Here is the best way to freeze and defrost our breads:
Wrap them tightly with plastic wrap,  and then place back into the original bread bag and add a twist tie to seal. To defrost, pull the bread from the freezer, removing from bag and removing all plastic wrap. Set frozen bread on a double thick layer of paper towel until completely thawed. Store defrosted bread in original bread bag. (the paper towel will absorb all the excess moisture from the freezer, leaving you with a great fresh loaf of bread)

4. Do you offer Catering for Events?

Yes, we have a great Custom Catering service. We work with you to create a unique catering plan based on your budget and event. Please contact us for more details. Krumbs caters to all sizes of events from 2 and up, for any special occasions or corporate events in Clarington and surrounding areas.

5. Where can I find Krumbs Breadery & Stuff products in the area?

#ShopLocal and find Krumbs products regularly available at the following retail locations:

One of the many popup shops you can find us at. This one was hosted outside of Gather in Bowmanville.
One of the many popup shops you can find us at. This one was hosted outside of Gather in Bowmanville.

Follow us on Facebook to find out where we will be this weekend in Clarington!

6. Do you use local ingredients?

Yes, Krumbs sources local, fresh, exceptional quality ingredients whenever possible, and in season both in Clarington and as far away as the Niagara Region for the best fruits.
Here are some of our excellent local suppliers:

7. Do you use any preservatives or additives in your products?

Nope, no preservatives or additives! So many customers of Krumbs Breadery & Stuff are happy to learn about our good wholesome foods, with no preservatives. Our whole wheat breads are sweetened with honey and molasses, not sugar, unlike many commercial whole wheat loaves. Some families will only eat our bread, they love it so much!