At Krumbs…..

We start each day with a plan….and most of the time things go accordingly. And when it doesn’t, we remind ourselves that this is our adventure and that everything is a learning opportunity. And then just laugh….and start again.

We have been busy with a variety of different farmers markets, festivals and ‘pop-ups’. We have met so many awesome people, and although others may call them our customers, we call them our friends. We consider ourselves the lucky ones – we have celebrated birthday, weddings, and anniversaries together. We are watching our littlest friends grow up- play hockey, gymnastics, and start school.


As many of you know, we are passionate about several things….supporting local and supporting farmers. It’s important to us that people know what they are eating and where it has come from. We joke about being’ bread farmers’ and have even considered getting t-shirts that identify us as just that. We try to ensure that we are able to use as much local products as possible.

‘A Farmer Works so the Whole World can Eat’

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